Thank Dallas Chief of Police Eddie Garcia for opposing permitless carry

The Texas Legislature is considering legislation to expand access to firearms through permitless carry. This dangerous idea would allow firearm owners to carry a gun in public, openly or concealed, without obtaining a license to carry first.

Dallas Chief of Police Eddie Garcia took the right step by opposing this legislation. Permitless carry endangers law enforcement too. Please sign our petition to thank him and encourage him to keep up the work.

"As Dallas residents, we thank you for speaking out against permitless carry in Texas. Texans – including responsible gun owners and non-gun owners alike – know this legislation endangers the public, including law enforcement, and increases the risk of gun violence. As you recently said, gun owners have a duty to safely handle their firearms and to be aware of the law. And we agree with you – permits make that possible.

Please continue your efforts to keep permitless carry legislation from advancing. You are doing the right thing for Dallas and all Texans. We stand with you and will continue reaching out to our legislators to let them know permitless is wrong for Texas."