Tell your senator permitless carry isn’t right for Texas

The Texas Senate is on the verge of passing legislation letting people carry loaded firearms in public without a license to carry. We need you to take action.

Getting a permit to carry requires a background check and a safety training before you can carry a loaded gun in public. It also means criminals and people who can’t pass a background check can’t legally carry firearms in public. But without the permit requirement, nothing separates law-abiding gun owners who choose to carry, from individuals who shouldn’t have guns at all.

That’s why we need to keep the current system and stop permitless carry laws from passing.

Tell your state senator not to blur the lines between the law-abiding gun owners who choose to carry a loaded gun in public and those who should not have guns at all. Tell your senator to stand by Texas’ existing permit requirements.

“As a constituent, and a supporter of Sandy Hook Promise, I call on you to preserve Texas’ existing License to Carry requirement. Our permitting system is not broken; according to the Department of Public Safety, more than 1.6 million people own a license to carry already. For those who believe more guns in public will make us safer, 1.6 million trained individuals – who have also passed a background check – indicates the system is working. The carry permit is the best way to distinguish the law-abiding gun owner who chooses to carry a gun in public, from the person who should not have a gun at all. Please, do not blur the lines between the two. Stand by the existing requirement for a carry permit.”