Tell Rep. Sonney: Support the SAVE Students Act!

Students across Pennsylvania are suffering from the impacts of the pandemic – but those issues won’t go away after the pandemic ends. We need to act now to ensure young people have training and tools to prevent violence and support their peers. The SAVE Students Act, HB540, can help. But we need to act now.

PA State Rep. Curtis Sonney can help move the SAVE Students Act forward by scheduling a hearing in the House Education Committee. Add your name now to let him know why this matters.

"I urge you to call for a hearing on the SAVE Students Act. As chair of the House Education Committee, you play an important role in moving HB540 in the right direction. This bill, sponsored by Rep. Karen Boback, would increase access to lifesaving violence prevention programs for students in grades 6-12 across the Commonwealth. The pandemic has had a devastating impact on young people’s mental health, but this issue will not go away once the pandemic ends. In order to protect students now and into the future, we must ensure students have access to tools to prevent violence and support their peers."