Nothing But Love On December 14

Nothing But Love On December 14

Daniel Barden and Dylan Hockley

On December 14, 2012, 20 innocent first graders and 6 educators were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School by a 20-year-old man. Already, groups are talking about using December 14, 2013, as a day to talk about guns. One organization has announced a "Guns Save Lives Day," and a noisy debate has already started.

12/14 is not a day to be politicized or polarizing. It is a day for remembrance and reflection, a day of love.

Sandy Hook Promise, which works with some of the families who lost loved ones on 12/14, asks for you to join us in this simple message:

December 14, 2013, exactly one year after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, is a day for parents to hug their children and people to embrace their families, not a day to talk about guns.

Please sign this petition and share widely. Together, we can show the world that our love for our children, all of our children, outweighs our differences, and that this love can unite us – not divide us.

Mark Barden, father of Daniel
Nicole Hockley, mother of Dylan